In preparation/submitted

  • Computable measure theory and algorithmic randomness (with J. Rute), in preparation.
  • Differentiability of Polynomial-time computable functions (with A. Kawamura), in preparation.
  • Relation between the rate of convergence of strong law of large numbers and the rate of concentration of Bayesian prior in game-theoretic probability (with R. Sato and A. Takemura), submitted to a journal.
  • Erdos-Feller-Kolmogorov-Petrowsky law of the iterated logarithm for self-normalized martingales: a game-theoretic approach (with T. Sasai and A. Takemura), submitted to a journal.
  • Null-additivity in the theory of algorithmic randomness (with T. Kihara), submitted to a journal.

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