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5 Oct, 2012 Updated the reference list

The notion of randomness, prediction and probability based on algorithmic information theory and computable analysis
Algorithmic Information Theory gives the definition of complexity of a concrete object. Then the notion of randomness (algorithmic randomness) and the notion of prediction and probability (algorithmic probability) have been studied. By combining with computable analysis developed especially recently, I try to study the notion in detail.

Computability theory
The theory of computability from natural numbers to natural numbers
Summary – Computability theory(Wikipedia)
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Algorithmic randomness
The theory of random indivisual elements
Summary – Algorithmic randomness(Scholarpedia)
Summary – Algorithmically random sequence(Wikipedia)
Summary – Kolmogorov complexity(Wikipedia)
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Computable analysis
The study of real functions carried out in a computable manner
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Game-Theoretic Probability
Probability theory via game theoretic approach
Text – G. Shafer and V. Vovk, 2001. Probability and Finance: It’s Only a Game!, Wiley-Interscience.

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